Affordable Safety for your Organization. Anywhere, Anytime.

Kuvrr offers a comprehensive and unified safety solution for your Staff, Volunteers, Clients, Visitors and Facilities. Upgrade your safety today.

Safety, Continuous Communication and Response For Staff, Members, 
Volunteers, Visitors and Vendors

Staff & Volunteers

Kuvrr App and Panic Buttons
Mass Communications/Safety Checks
Smart Maps, Response Plans
Walk Safe/Travel Safe

Visitors & Vendors

Visitor Management
2-way Communications
Indoor Maps for Way-finding
Visitor Geo-fencing & Tracking

Leadership & Operations

Real-time Situational Awareness
Rapid Collaboration & Response
Integrated Safety Drills
Dashboard & Reports
Compliance & Risk Management

Organization Safety Teams

Real-time Situational Awareness
Mass Communications/2-Way Safety Checks
Digital Response Plans/Maps
Complete Incident Management

First Responders

Real-time Situational Awareness
Digital Maps and Response Plan
Continuous Threat Intelligence
Collaboration and Communication

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Places Involved

Make emergency management and response straightforward and automated.

Apps and Panic buttons for staff, volunteers and congregation members
Highly affordable 24x7 monitoring and response
Real-time crime tips hotline
Integrate with AV alert systems
Mass Notifications/2-way safety checks for quick check on everybody's well being
Digital response plans and collaboration tools to respond to crisis rapidly
Digital drills for risk management and compliance
Integrate with access control
Includes rapid implementation and training
Kuvrr app and Panic buttons for staff and volunteers
24x7 affordable monitoring & response
Real-time crime tips
Mass Notifications/2-Way safety checks
Outdoor & Indoor location detection for rapid crisis response and evacuation
Video analytics to proactively detect an emerging threats
Integrate with AV alerts (speakers, lights)
Integrate with access control
Kuvrr app and Panic buttons for instant alerts
SOS/Safe Walk in the parking lot for staff, volunteers
24x7 monitoring and response
Activate AV alerts in garages or parking lots from Kuvrr app to deter or respond to threats
Emergency profile with make & model of User’s car instantly provided to security teams & first responders
Video analytics for license plate recognition, vehicle counts, people with masks, weapon/fire/smoke detection

Unique Issues Faced By Nonprofit Organizations

We understand you face these issues daily. Our solutions are designed to help eliminate these concerns.

Wide Range of Employees/Roles

Spread out within buildings, across multiple indoor and outdoor facilities, at home & on the road
Need for timely and targeted crisis notifications
Different crisis management training and resources needed based on location and facilities

Various Types of Facilities

The need to be welcoming brings the risk of being a soft target
Different facilities for different purposes, with unique security issues
Open and sometimes crowded spaces
Need for vigilant staff to raise alerts and provide proactive tips

Voilence & Stress

Ranging from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and murders
Impacts and involves all constituents of a nonprofit
High levels of stress due to range of mental health challenges facing today’s youth and adults

Off Site Activities/Risks

Sporting events, religious holidays, performances, outings and day camps and other large gathering pose unique safety risks
Need for vigilant pro-active crime tips
Safety risks both inside and outside events

Financial Management

Cost management vital
Incumbent solutions are
expensive piecemeal
Providing affordable safety

Loyalty and Retention

Staff and Volunteers deserve a safe workplace
A safer environment provides greater peace of mind and reduce anxiety and stress
Investing in organization safety delivers enhanced loyalty and productivity from all staff, volunteers, members and families and the greater community

Risk Management

Unfortunately, all Nonprofit Organizations face the ongoing risk of unanticipated events that could cause injury, loss of life, economic loss and reputation damage
Tools, resources and training are
essential to both prevent and/or
mitigate such events

Duty of Care

A wide range of visitors, members, parents, volunteers, vendors and contractors are often on site
During a crisis, it is paramount that the organization effectively communicates with them and assures their safety

Comprehensive Safety & Crisis Readiness Platform for Nonprofit Organizations

Rapid Threat Detection and alerts

Smart video analytics for all types of facilities perimeter and indoors, parking lots and athletic facilities to detect weapons, crowding and perimeter violations
Pin-point indoor threat detection and tracking
Smart safety app and panic buttons for for staff, volunteers and members on site or on the road
Integrated mass communications, location tracking (even indoors) and real time incident management to optimize time and speed of response
Asset tracking with smart alerts for asset movements or exit.
Vendor tracking and communications
Mobile powered self-certification for health risk management

Real Time Notification and Response

Continuous two-way communications with integrated polling to ensure on-going updates and safety assurance during small- and large-scale crises
Indoor maps, response plans in every hand with on-going updates for safer evacuation or rescue
Integrated audio/visual alerts and incident management for safety teams
Available integration with local first responders to multiply response force

Enhanced Safety, Readiness and Convenience For Staff & Visitors

Digital maps, responses plans and safety resources in every hand
Digital and location intelligent drills
Outdoor/indoor way-finding for staff, members, volunteers, visitors & staff
Smart tips and text—a-tip line for pre-emptive vigilance and situational awareness, which could be provided by students in addition to faculty and staff
Dashboards with real-time analytics for proactive risk management

Talk to us to find out how Kuvrr can reduce your safety costs and deliver comprehensive risk management.