Grab Unfair Advantage with
Smart Customizable Security!

Why deal with boxed and rigid safety solutions when you can have flexible and customizable security solution that fits your needs. Stay ahead of the curve with Kuvrr! Our agile and customizable products offer immense flexibility and choices to match your security requirements.

Kuvrr Guard

Deliver rapid alerting, real-time 2-way communications, live tracking and access to all the vital security resources in every hand. Kuvrr mobile app and companion panic buttons send real-time emergencies to safety teams, friends and family and first responders with live tracking for well-informed response. Key features include:

Kuvrr App & Panic Buttons
Customizable Incident Management Platform (100% Cloud)
Flex coverage from localized geo-fences to global scale across 95+ countries
Customizable safety plans, smart maps and other vital safety resources
Mass Notifications/2-Way Communications
Instant Collaboration
Safety Tips/Text-A-Tip for proactive security

Kuvrr Locate

Quickly locate and track alert location globally or even indoors down to room level to respond decisively and provide safety teams, other stakeholders and first responders with vital intelligence on potential threats. Kuvrr's smart location detection can locate people or assets globally to provide assurance and peace of mind.

Real-time location detection and tracking
Indoor positioning and tracking
People and asset tracking with privacy guards

Kuvrr Cast

Unified notifications across multiple channels including but not limited to email, text, phone calls, audio devices, visual displays, alarms, signals and outdoor signage ..all from your finger-tips with minimal clicks. Experience the power of Kuvrr automation to expedite rapid delivery of critical message to relevant audiences.

Easy to use notifications with flexibility to send via mobile, web or automatically
Reliable delivery with full audit logs for tracking
Safety check-ins and 2-way polling
Audio/visual notifications to leverage existing infrastructure (strobes, speakers, signage etc.)

Kuvrr Cam

Leading edge video analytics to preemptively detect potential threats, find specific objects and Key features include

45+ Object search with complex features
Intrusion, Virtual Fencing, Object Missing/Found, Direction
Weapon, Fire, Smoke detection
People/Crowd Counts, Distance Assessment
Safety Compliance Detection (Hats, Jackets, Other equipment)
License Plate Recognition, VIP/High-Risk List
Integrates with existing NVR/VMS

Kuvrr Monitor

Kuvrr monitor offers professional grade 24x7 monitoring for your people and assets worldwide! Whether you are looking to enhance your safety response or trying to optimize security, KuvrrMonitor delivers ultimate coverage and peace of mind.

24x7 professional grade monitoring
Nationwide and Global monitoring
Custom response protocols per your organizational needs
Add-on options include white glove global traveler coverage and medical evacuations