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Rapid Implementation


KUVRR is an integrated emergency response platform that empowers users, visitors, security teams and first responders with state-of-the-art features to raise alerts, get live situational awareness, send multi-channel notifications and provide real-time navigation to transform response & rescue. By leveraging mobile, around/on-premise cameras & other devices, smart maps and continuous 2-way communications KUVRR multiplies the response force for a fraction of the cost of the prevalent, outdated and piecemeal security systems.


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about us

KUVRR is on a mission to build the world’s best crisis management platform for organizations. By leveraging mobile, IoT and analytics, KUVRR is changing the safety paradigm by introducing integrated live situational awareness, 2-way notifications, intelligent navigation, and response automation in a single platform.

KUVRR was designed after in-depth conversations with and inputs from first responders, SWAT teams, public safety leaders, security providers and security leaders from multiple industries. KUVRR addresses the three massive gaps prevalent in existing crisis management tools:

a) A slew of disjointed, non-interoperable applications 

b) High costs of procurement, maintenance & upgrades

c) Missing data intelligence/analytics

Our Values

We practice it and demand it from our employees, partners and clients.

Build things that matter!

Build better, cheaper and faster safety solutions!

Improve lives and communities!


Designed to deliver distinctive business impact, reduce strategic and operational risks and drive significant ROI

Superior Risk Management

KUVRR combines multiple safety systems into one leading to superior risk managment

Superior RIsk Management

Workforce Safety

Safe employees are happier employees. KUVRR delivers safety and peace of mind in every hand

Workforce Satisfaction

Agile Innovation

Our commitment to rapid innovation future-proofs your risk management and investments in safety infrastructure

Agile Innovation

Flexible & Scalable

Modular design offers ultimate flexibility in deployment, adoption and change management

Flexible & Scalable

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