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Intelligent next gen safety solutions to protect

Government Organizations

Is your safety solution future ready?

Smart Affordable Safety Solutions


Mobile First

Built for the mobile age from the ground up, our solutions are born mobile, geo and sensor aware. Wherever you are going, our solutions goes with you.


Data Smart

Machine learning is the heart of a predictive/preemptive security solution and our solutions combine human and machine intelligence.


Video Savvy

A video is worth a quadrillion words or perhaps even more. Our solutions deploy video analytics to multiply situational awareness, reduce legal risks and liabilities.



Being cost conscious is one of our core values and we are committed to deliver state-of-the-art yet cost-effective safety solutions to the world.

Why Kuvrr

While families and organizations may face different set of risks and safety issues, there is a significant overlap in their needs. Our Family Kuvrr (for Families) and Safety Kuvrr (for Organizations) applications deliver deep capabilities to address those risks pro-actively.

Active Shooter

Incidents are within a business or educational setting!

Sexual Assaults

Victims on campus don't report it!

Annual Losses

Due to workplace assaults

US Workers

Will become victim of workplace violence

Cyber Bullying

Young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person!

Device Addiction

Parents feel their kids are addicted to their mobile phones and tablets!


Teens have admitted to sexting their girlfriend or boyfriend.

911 Calls

Are made from cell phones but 911 centers lack caller’s location data/text/video which could be deadly

At Home, Work, Play and On-The-Go

Family Kuvrr

Finally one App that helps families stay connected, informed of any issues and kuvrred at home, at work, at play and even on the road. Family Kuvrr's smart engine monitors for a whole slew of digital, physical and on-the-road issues faced by modern families. With flexible monitoring options and very easy to use design, Family Kuvrr lets you monitor as much as you want or as little as you need. Moreover, it's a two way connectivity solution which means family members or even extended family members can connect with highly flexible options. Family Kuvrr also includes one of the best and most affordable roadside assistance service from Allstate Roadside Services®.

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Safety Kuvrr

Safety Kuvrr is the first personal safety system for students, professionals and community members with fully integrated smart command and control for instant alerting, monitoring and response. Safety Kuvrr streams real-time video, audio, GPS location, and smart alerts to friends, family or professional monitors and provides real-time context rich audio, video and spatial intelligence for responders. Smart geo-tracking and SOS notifications along with two way chat deliver much higher level of intelligence compared to 911 or text based SOS alert systems. Integrated intelligent command and control dashboard delivers live video, two-way chat, and superior triage along with full video analytics. Leverage the power of analytics to transform your campus, community or enterprise security and crisis management.

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About Us

Smart and affordable safety for all!

ArmourGrid is on a mission to build the world’s best safety and security platform for individuals, families and organizations. By analyzing myriads of sensory data points along with state-of-the-art video analytics, we can leapfrog the current state of the industry solutions which is largely focused on reactionary methods for threat detection and response. ArmourGrid is changing the safety paradigm by introducing the predictive security elements which lead to preemption and prevention of threats!

Our Values

We practice it and demand it from our employees, partners and clients.
We push ourselves, our partners and even our customers to always do things better and faster!
Build affordable safety solutions for a safer world.

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