Essential Safety For Essential Responders!

Kuvrr offers a comprehensive and unified safety solution for Healthcare Employees and Facilities. Upgrade your Healthcare safety today.

Safety, Continuous Communication and Response For All Stakeholders

Staff & Volunteers

App & Panic Buttons for Alerting
Continuous Communications
Smart Maps, Response Plans
Safe Walk
Real-time Crime Tips

Patients, Visitors & Vendors

Visitor Management
2-way Communications
Smart Maps for Wayfinding
Location Tracking
Real-time Crime Tips

Leadership & Operations

Real-time Situational Awareness
Rapid Collaboration & Response
Business Continuity
Compliance & Risk Management

Enterprise Safety Teams

Real-time Situational Awareness
Response beyond Notifications
Pro-active Safety in Every Hand

First Responders

Real-time Situational Awareness
Digital Resources
Continuous Threat Intelligence

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Places Involved

Make emergency management and response straightforward and automated.

Panic Buttons to discreetly or immediately raise an alert
Medical & Administrative Staff SOS/Safe Walk
Mass notifications/Polls site specific or across entire system
On-the-road safety
Panic Buttons to discreetly or immediately raise an alert
Medical & Administrative Staff SOS/Safe Walk
Instant two-way notifications/Polls
Visitor & Vendor location tracking
Real-time Crime Tips
Audio/Visual Alerts inside the facility and around the perimeter
Indoor Positioning, Evacuation Routing and Wayfinding
Panic Buttons to discreetly or immediately raise an alert
Medical & Administrative staff SOS/Safe Walk
Real-time Crime Tips
Visitor & Vendor location tracking
Audio/Visual Alerts
Indoor Positioning, Evacuation Routing and Wayfinding
Instant two-way notifications/Polls
On-the-road safety
Panic Buttons to rapidly or discreetly raise an alert
SOS/Safe Walk
Activate AV alerts
Make & model of App User's car provided to deployed security
Analytics: license plate recognition and count
Real-time Crime Tips
Instant two-way notifications/Polls
Panic Buttons to discreetly or immediately raise an alert
SOS/Safe Walk
Timer based alerts
Notifications to entire or targeted team of caregivers
Check-in Polls
On-the-road safety
Make & model of App User's car provided to deployed security

Unique Issues Faced By Healthcare Providers

We understand you face these issues daily. Our solutions are designed to help eliminate these concerns.

Agile/Mobile Workforce

Spread out across business locations, facilities, at home & on the road
Need for targeted crisis notifications
Different crisis management training and resources needed based on location

Soft Target Facilities

A consequence of being welcoming is that facilities are often unprotected
Open and sometimes crowded spaces
Need for an alert and vigilant workforce that can alert security in a crisis and with proactive tips

Workplace Violence

Ranging from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and murders
Impacts and involves staff, clients, customers, contractors and visitors
The third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States

Mental Health Issues

In the US 1 in 25 individuals experience a serious mental illness
Warning signs often go ignored
Exacerbates safety risks

Financial Management

Cost management vital
Incumbent solutions are
expensive piecemeal
Providing affordable safety

Loyalty and Retention

Employees and visitors deserve a safe workplace
Safe workplaces enhance peace of mind and reduce anxiety and stress
Investing in employee safety delivers enhanced loyalty and productivity

Risk Management

All enterprises face the risk of unanticipated events that could
cause injury, loss of life, economic
loss and reputation damage
Tools, resources and training are
essential to both prevent and/or
mitigate such events

Duty of Care

A wide range of visitors, clients, vendors and contractors are regularly on site
During a crisis, it is paramount that the organization effectively communicates with them and assures their safety

Comprehensive Safety & Crisis Readiness Platform for Healthcare Industry

Rapid Threat Detection and Alerts

Smart video analytics for facility perimeter, lobby and indoors to detect weapons, crowding, license plates or
illegal parking
Pin-point indoor threat detection and tracking to floor and specific room
Smart safety app and panic buttons for every staff member in the facility become a force multiplier or on the road
Integrated mass communications, location tracking (even indoors) and real time incident management to optimize time and speed of response
Asset tracking with smart alerts for asset movements or exit
Vendor add visitor tracking and communications
Mobile powered self-certification for health risk management

Real Time Notification and Response

Continuous two-way communications with integrated polling to ensure on-going updates and safety assurance
Indoor maps, response plans in every hand with on-going updates for safer evacuation or rescue
Integrated audio/visual alerts and incident management for safety teams
On-demand professional grade 24x7 monitoring by Kuvrr for enhanced coverage and cost
Available integration with local first responders to multiply response force

Enhanced Safety, Readiness and Convenience For Staff & Visitors

Digital maps, responses plans and safety resources in every hand
Digital and location intelligent drills
Outdoor/indoor way-finding for patients, visitors & staff
Smart tips and text—a-tip line for pre-emptive vigilance and situational awareness
Dashboards with real-time analytics

Talk to us to find out how Kuvrr can reduce your safety costs and deliver comprehensive risk management.