Frequently Asked Questions

Security is tough. We understand that but do not worry - we are here to explain everything you may want to know!

Is Kuvrr just another alert app?

In short, No. Kuvrr is a complete safety and enterprise emergency management platform that includes a mobile app as one of its features. And a whole lot more. For example, apart from raising alerts from the App, a user can also raise discreet alerts or alarms from Kuvrr panic buttons or Kuvrr can raise automatic alerts through its intelligent sensors. Kuvrr also includes a complete live incident management platform, a mass & targeted notification module, a tracking module, an audio/visual alert module, integrated leading edge video analytics, integrated tip line and optional comprehensive 24x7x365 professional monitoring. 

But we already have a pull switch alert system? And a fire alarm? Or panic button or...

Indeed! Almost all our clients had something in place before they deployed Kuvrr and whenever possible, we strive to preserve that prior investment. In fact, lots of them have two or more disjointed and quite expensive systems which did a fine job for either raising alerts or distributing them. However, by implementing Kuvrr they were able to combine these ”islands of alerts” into a clean, integrated and streamlined response platform making it possible for them to detect incidents, raise situation aware alerts, respond in an integrated manner and manage on-going situations in a more structured manner.

Kuvrr is very comprehensive. Do we need all these features?

While Kuvrr is comprehensive, it's also very modular. As a result, organizations can deploy only the components needed without having to deploy all the modules. For example, one can choose to deploy Kuvrr's smart Audio/Visual alerts without any other modules and later can add video analytics.

Our organization does not have a security staff. How do we manage incidents via Kuvrr's Incident Management Platform? 

Kuvrr includes an optional component of 24x7 high-grade professional monitoring. Globally! So, whether you have coverage needs only within the walls of your organization, throughout the US or World-wide, Kuvrr's elite monitoring partner is fully trained on Kuvrr to deliver 24x7 coverage, response and service the needs of your organization’s staff, leadership, members/clients, visitors and contractors.

How does Kuvrr assure successful implementation?

The team at Kuvrr strives to provide our partners with rapid and hassle-free onboarding, that can be done fully remote or a combination of in person and remote activities.  The successful implementation of a comprehensive safety & security platform requires the participation of multiple key organization stakeholders.  We roll up our sleeves and work directly with an organization’s Operations, Security, HR, IT, Communications/Marketing, Finance departments (and others whenever appropriate) to minimize the disruption to their ongoing work throughout the process.  

What ongoing support does Kuvrr provide?

We want to make sure you are fully leveraging Kuvrr to safeguard your organization. The Kuvrr team provides live technical support to our partners Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.  In addition, we have online training videos and resources, and host training webinars to onboard new security and/or other staff members managing Kuvrr for your organization and inform our partners on new platform enhancements. Furthermore, we regularly check in with our partners, to solicit their feedback, answer questions and help address any emerging needs.

Where can I download your app?

You can download our app for on iOS app store or Google Play store.

Do you have any additional questions?

Our team is happy to help! Send us your questions here.

What is COVID Kuvrr?

Reopening our workplaces, factories, schools, colleges, venues, places of worship safely requires reliable and safe temperature checks, health screening, dependable 2-way notifications, safe check-ins  and if needed contact tracing within the workplace. Powered by Kuvrr’s incident management platform, Kuvrr’s COVID module includes all the pieces needed by an organization to operate safely  during these dynamically shifting health conditions, changing regulations and distributed work arrangements.

COVID Kuvrr’s flexible provisioning modules empower managers to detect potential infections or health risks, pro-actively manage liabilities associated with outbreaks, and provide streamlined reporting, while managing organizational safety, privacy of health information and back-to-work processes.

What's included in COVID Kuvrr?

COVID Kuvrr includes the following vital modules:

  • Kuvrr App (Check-ins, Tips, SOS, Smart 911)
  • Live Incident Management Platform
  • Kuvrr COVID Self-Certification Survey
  • Kuvrr Notify
  • Kuvrr TempChek with mask detection and automated alerts (Optional Add-On)
  • Kuvrr Trace for Indoor Tracking (Optional Add-On)
How long does it take to get set up?

This depends based on the size of your enterprise. Our team understands your business and devices a solution that fits your need, fast.