RoadKuvrr - Terms of Service

These Terms of Service comprise an agreement (“Agreement”) between you (“You”) and ArmourGrid Inc. (hereinafter “ArmourGrid”) with offices located at 2700 Patriot Blvd., Suite 250, Glenview, IL 60026 regarding your use of emergency roadside services that are offered and fulfilled by Signature Motor Club (hereinafter “SMC”) with offices located at 2775 Sanders Road, Suite E2E, Northbrook, Illinois 60062. Armourgrid is in the business of, among other activities, providing AI driven solutions to protect, monitor and manage mobile devices for safety and security (hereinafter “Kuvrr”) an optional benefit available to Kuvrr customers is RoadKuvrr, which consists of emergency roadside assistance and is provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc.

Please read the terms of the Agreement carefully before using subscribing to and/or using RoadKuvrr. This is a legal and enforceable contract between You and ArmourGrid if you have subscribed to and/or use RoadKuvrr. If you do not agree to these terms of this Agreement, please do not subscribe and/or use RoadKuvrr. Since SMC is the provider of emergency roadside assistance, your use of RoadKuvrr is also subject to SMC Roadside Assistance Terms of Service (hereinafter “SMCToS”) which are available at . In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and SMCToS, the SMCToS shall control with respect to the provision of Roadside Assistance services. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and other good and valuable consideration contained in this Agreement, which the parties acknowledge to be sufficient, You agree to the following terms and conditions:

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE SERVICES: SMC shall provide the following services (hereafter “Roadside Assistance Services”):

  1. Towing Service - When a passenger vehicle will not start or cannot be safely driven, it will be towed from the point of disablement to a destination of your preference. Towing service is limited to a maximum of ten (10) miles, but additional towing mileage can be provided at an additional fee of $5.12 per mile, pro-rated in 1/10 mile increments, at your expense. Unless prohibited by local or state regulation, you shall pay for additional towing mileage at the time the service is rendered.

  2. Flat Tire Service- If the passenger vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and serviceable, SMC will remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare provided by you. If no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed in accordance with the Towing Service provision above.

  3. Jump Start – Jump Start service is provided to boost or jump start a dead battery to start the vehicle. Expenses for repairs, parts and labor are your responsibility, payable directly to the service facility, and are not reimbursable.

  4. Out of Gas- A limited supply of fuel up to three (3) gallons, where allowed by law, will be delivered to the disabled passenger vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. You shall be responsible for the cost of the fuel.

  5. Lockout Assistance - If your keys are locked inside the passenger vehicle, SMC’s service provider will attempt to unlock the passenger vehicle. The lockout assistance benefit is limited to $80. In cases where the passenger vehicle cannot be made operable, towing will be provided in accordance with the Towing Service provision above.

  6. Winching - An eligible vehicle will be winched when it can be safely serviced from a paved public road or paved private road if we are able to gain access. Maximum distance for winching is 30 feet. Maximum covered benefit for winching is $80 or one operator for 30 minutes. Any expense above $80 shall be your responsibility, payable directly to the SMC’s service provider. Extraction of vehicles embedded in mud, water, snow or similar material is not a covered benefit, but may be provided at your expense.

  7. No other services unless specifically listed above is included under Roadside Assistance Services. Other services requested may be provided by SMC at prices to be quoted and accepted by the Primary Member or Member prior to delivery.

MEMBERSHIP & ELIGIBILITY: ArmourGrid requires a name, mobile phone number, email and a valid credit card for enrollment into RoadKuvrr. If you are the person who has enrolled for RoadKuvrr, you are designated as the primary account holder (“Member”) and assigned a RoadKuvrr membership number (hereinafter “RoadKuvrr ID”). A Member may designate additional users (“Members”) for RoadKuvrr by providing ArmourGrid with each additional user's name, mobile phone number and email address. Members will receive an invitation from the Member to access and download the Kuvrr Mobile App for using RoadKuvrr. Only the Member can add/remove additional Members and/or update other Members’ information. RoadKuvrr enrollment and usage is only valid for

  1. Member or Members which are over the age of 18; and

  2. Light duty passenger automobiles and trucks not exceeding 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight during periods in which such vehicles are being used by Members for Members’ non-commercial purposes

  3. Commercial use, medium and heavy duty vehicles are not eligible for RoadKuvrr; and

  4. Self-contained and/or self-propelled motor homes, regardless of size or class; and trailers, including but not limited to boat, fifth wheel, travel, and/or pop-up camping trailers are also not eligible for RoadKuvrr

MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION AND CANCELLATION/REFUND OPTION: A Member can use and pay for RoadKuvrr by subscribing (hereinafter “Subscription”) to an annual membership (hereinafter “Annual Plan”) per the following terms:

  1. Subscription to RoadKuvrr will commence on the date (“Start Date”) a Member enrolls into RoadKuvrr and will be effective for twelve (12) months (hereinafter “Yearly Term”). The Subcription will renew automatically at the end of Yearly Term unless cancelled by the Primary Member. ArmourGrid will charge Member’s credit card on the Start Date for full Yearly Term and every year thereafter on the Start Date as long as the Annual Plan is active.
    Under Annual Plan, SMC will provide above Roadside Assistance Services, to a Member or any of the Members, with up to three (3) total Dispatches covered during any 12 month period, per Subscription, measured from Start Date. SMC’s obligation is limited to the Services specifically described above. For the purpose of determining the number of Dispatches used by and/or available to a Member or Members, a Dispatch (“Dispatch”) shall be defined as the dispatch of a single service vehicle to provide any of the Roadside Assistance Services described above. A Dispatch may consist of one or more such Roadside Assistance Services, however if an additional service vehicle is required (for example, if a tow truck is required to assist a Member or Members who initially requested Flat Tire, Jump Start, Out of Gas or Lockout Assistance service), the tow truck shall count as additional Dispatch.
    A Member can cancel the RoadKuvrr Annual Plan subscription anytime through the Kuvrr mobile application or by calling Kuvrr customer service. On cancellation of Annual Plan, ArmourGrid will provide pro-rated refund of the portion of your total Kuvrr subscription fee allocated to RoadKuvrr, if and only if, no Dispatches have been used by the Primary Member or any Members in her group.

Pay Per Use (PPU): PPU program is available to the any Kuvrr users who have not subscribed to the Annual Plan. It’s also available to Members who have exceeded the maximum number of Dispatches under their Annual Plan. Under PPU, each Roadside Assistance Service has a flat price which is disclosed up-front before the Dispatch and on payment confirmation, requested Roadside Assistance Service is dispatched to the Member or their designated Members.

PRIVACY: By agreeing to the this agreement, you consent to ArmourGrid sharing your information, including your location, vehicle identification and other associated information with SMC to enable the Roadside Assistance Service. SMC will use information shared with it according to its privacy policy which is available at: . ArmourGrid’s privacy policy, available at , describes the information, collection and usage practices applicable to your use of Kuvrr and RoadKuvrr.


  • Installation or removal of snow tires and chains.

  • Dismounting, repairing or rotating tires.

  • Vehicle storage charges, cost of parts and installation, products, materials, impounding and additional labor relating to towing.

  • Service for taxicabs, tractors, boats, trailer, recreational vehicles and trucks, dune buggies, vehicles used for competition, stolen vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, illegally parked cars or impounded vehicles.

  • Service to vehicles with expired safety inspection sticker, license plate sticker, and/or emission sticker where required by law.

  • Service to vehicle that is not in a safe condition to be towed.

  • Towing of vehicle off a boat dock or marina.

  • Service of any kind on vehicles used for commercial purposes or using dealer tags.

  • Towing at the direction of a law enforcement officer related to traffic obstruction, impoundment, abandonment, illegal parking or other violations of the law.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: Neither ArmourGrid nor SMC will be responsible for repairs or the availability, delivery or installation of parts. All parts used and services provided by the service facility must be authorized and paid for by the Primary Member and/or their designated Members.
Since all authorized service providers are independent contractors and not agents or employees of SMC, neither ArmourGrid nor SMC assumes any liability for any damage to the vehicle resulting from the rendering of service or for personal items left in the vehicle. Any claims for personal injury or damage to property must be filed against the servicing facility.
ArmourGrid may elect to not renew your membership for any reason at its discretion. ArmourGrid may also terminate your membership for fraudulent use of the Roadside Assistance Services.
This Agreement is not an automobile liability insurance contract or physical damage insurance and does not comply with any financial responsibility law.