Family Kuvrr - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Family Kuvrr?
A. Family Kuvrr is a smart and affordable mobile app for the whole family. For parents with younger kids, the app provides smart automated monitoring of location/text/phone calls/internet/geo fences to raise alerts for cyberbullying, sexting, solicitation and several other potential risks. It also has smart device controls and automated device schedules to remotely manage apps, games and devices. Family Kuvrr also has an optional subscription to RoadKuvrr, an industry leading emergency roadside assistance service for peace of mind on the road for the whole family. Last but not the least, the Family Kuvrr also includes a smart SOS with full geo location and video streaming.

Q. Where do I install Family Kuvrr?
A. Simply install Family Kuvrr on the devices that need to be connected with and if needed, monitored. Once you register, you can create Groups (Family, Friends, Helpers, etc.) and invite other members who have installed Family Kuvrr to connect with you and allow you to monitor one or all of the following:
a) Geo location and history with smart geo fences
b) Device Usage (text, Internet, phone calls, social media etc.) & alerts
c) Emergency/SOS alerts
d) Device Control (app and screen time management)
Your contacts accept your invite and decide what they want you to monitor (e.g., for minor kids, you may want to accept the invite from kid’s device while allowing all of the above). Family Kuvrr allows you to monitor as much as you want or as little as you need. No need for separate parent and child apps.

Q. How much does Family Kuvrr cost?
A. Apart from the numerous smart features, another compelling factor for families to use Family Kuvrr is its affordability. The yearly subscription ranges from $9.99/year or $1.99/month (up to 10 total Group members) to $19.99/year or $2.99/month (up to 20 total Group members) which easily makes the app, one of the most feature rich and affordable solution.

Q. Can I try Family Kuvrr before I buy?
A. Absolutely! Family Kuvrr comes with all the features free for first 30 days so families can try it without any financial obligations.

Q. How is Family Kuvrr different that other parental monitoring solutions?
A. There are several other security apps out there, however most of them address only a subset of the full array of issues/concerns faced by families ranging from digital, physical, geo location and on-the-road concerns. Family Kuvrr is the only app that:
a) Consolidates features for all the aforementioned issues in a single app so parents/families don’t have to purchase multiple apps/solutions and hope they all work together
b) Comes with smarter way to monitor and manage potential issues with children's mobile device usage. No need to snatch devices or painfully go over all the texts, internet and social media interactions every day. Once deployed, Family Kuvrr monitors for potential issues and sends alerts or notifications
c) Has one of the best roadside assistance services at your fingertips. With affordable emergency road side assistance included (as an add-on purchase), Family Kuvrr adds yet another level of peace of mind for busy and mobile families.
d) Is built for the whole family since it allows family members to connect bi-directionally (e.g., allows parents to track minors and if selected allowing the minor to also see parent’s location etc., this bi-directional location can be expanded to other key care givers such as sitters, nannies, grandparents etc.). Most of the “parental control” apps available on the market only allow one-way monitoring of a child by a parent, reducing the usability across family members of different ages or expanding to other approved guardians of a minor.
e) Is built by a set of parents who first hand saw families struggling to pay $50 or more per year for very basic level of features

Q. Does Family Kuvrr work on both, Apple as well as Android phones and tablets?
A. Yes, Family Kuvrr works with both Apple iPhones and Android based smartphones. It also works on iPads and Android based tablets. Please note that due to iOS restrictions, a few features may have limitations or may not work on iOS devices.

Q. How many family members can I connect with on Family Kuvrr?
A. It depends on your Family Kuvrr subscription. Family Kuvrr Premium subscription allows you to connect with up to 10 members ($1.99/mo. or $9.99/yr.) and Family Kuvrr Premium+ subscription allows you to monitor up to 20 members ($2.99/mo. or $19.99/yr.).

Q. Is my (and my family's) data safe with Family Kuvrr?
A. We deploy multiple layers of security along with encryption to protect and secure the personal data. We protect your data in-transit as well as when stored on our servers. While we take all precautions to secure and protect your data, it’s important to note that no amount of data security can ensure 100% protection of the data. We also strongly suggest using good data practices including but not limited to using strong passwords which may be hard to guess, not sharing your passwords with anyone and of course, changing password regularly.

Q. Is my data sold to any 3rd parties?
A. We don’t sell your data to any party…period!

Q. Does Family Kuvrr require any special changes to mobile phones or tablets?
A. No, Family Kuvrr does not require any “rooting” or any "jailbreaking" etc. to install and use Family Kuvrr on Apple iPhones/iPads and Android based mobile phones and tablets.

Q. Is Family Kuvrr 100% accurate in detecting and alerting for potentially concerning issues?
A. No software is a perfect detector of “threats”. Unfortunately, these threats can change overnight. When it comes to detecting signals for cyberbullying, solicitation, drugs, gangs and several other harmful concerns, the language and terms continue to grow. Although we deploy sophisticated machine learning techniques and try our best to keep up, there may be occasions, when we might miss a concerning signal or send an alert for something that is a non-issue. We believe that active and engaged parenting is the best way to monitor and manage issues and Family Kuvrr is not meant to be a replacement for that.

Q. Would my child know that Family Kuvrr is installed on his/her device?
A. One can certainly hide Family Kuvrr on child’s Android devices (unfortunately, Apple does not allow this feature for iOS devices), but we have deliberately not included and released it because we don’t recommend it. We strongly suggest that you discuss Family Kuvrr app and its numerous benefits for the whole family with your child.

Q. Can my child uninstall Family Kuvrr from his/her device?
A. If your Family Kuvrr account is connected to your child’s Family Kuvrr account with Admin privileges, the child should not be able to uninstall Family Kuvrr without your account credentials. This is designed to protect strangers/unauthorized users from accidentally or purposefully uninstalling Family Kuvrr from child’s device without proper credentials. It is important to note that a child may still be able to uninstall Family Kuvrr from his/her device by using "rooting" or other techniques which are not authorized by us for uninstallation of Family Kuvrr.

Q. Can Family Kuvrr analyze images/videos in text/social media?
A. Yes, Family Kuvrr can analyze images/videos sent/received via texts or social media (Facebook and Instagram) for concerning issues (adult content etc.). If Family Kuvrr detects a concerning issue, it sends alerts to appropriate authorized Family Kuvrr users.

Q. Can Family Kuvrr monitor my child’s email activity as well?
A. We don’t suggest such intrusive monitoring of a child’s activity for healthy parent/child relationship. Moreover, if a child is really wanting to send/receive inappropriate conversations via email, she can very easily open new email accounts and use those for such conversations.

Q. What is Family Kuvrr’s smart SOS?
A. In case of an SOS alert being raised by a Family Kuvrr user, Family Kuvrr’s smart SOS not only sends an alert (with time and address of the incident) to the connected emergency contacts via SMS, in-app notification and email but also starts live streaming from the device of the user initiating the SOS to all the connected emergency contacts.

Q. What is RoadKuvrr?
A. RoadKuvrr is an add-on subscription (available within Family Kuvrr) to one of the best in class emergency roadside assistance service to provide further peace of mind to the families while on the road. According to a recent survey (Source: HopSkipDrive) 51% of parents spend upwards of five hours a week driving their kids around—and 13% devote more than 10 hours per week to shuttling duties. So, clearly peace of mind on the road is a big factor for families and that’s why we added RoadKuvrr to Family Kuvrr. No matter what happens to you on the road, being a member of the RoadKuvrr means access to a trusted network of emergency roadside assistance professionals 24x7x365. When you need help on the road – a jump-start, a tire changed, a tow or you’re locked out of your car, your RoadKuvrr membership covers the cost up to your plan’s benefit limits. Additional terms and FAQs about RoadKuvrr are available here.

Q. How much does RoadKuvrr cost?
A. RoadKuvrr is available to you and your family for an annual membership of $29.99/year and this annual membership includes three (3) services/year consisting of: Towing, Lockout service, Battery boost/jump start, Flat tire service (changed, with your inflated spare), Fuel delivery (you pay only for the cost of the fuel), Winching/stuck vehicle. Alternatively, you can use RoadKuvrr even without a membership anytime on a pay per use basis. We strongly recommend the annual membership plan for its amazing value.

Q. Geographically, where all does my RoadKuvrr cover me?
A. RoadKuvrr offers you roadside assistance while driving in the United States of America and Canada.

Q. Are RVs (Recreational Vehicles) covered under RoadKuvrr?
A. Yes, full road and towing services for RVs with a carrying capacity of up to one ton (2,000 pounds) is covered. Recreational vehicles and trucks with more than 4 wheels or a carrying capacity of more than one ton (2,000 pounds) can be provided start-up and fuel delivery service, only.

Q. How many family members are included in RoadKuvrr?
A. The RoadKuvrr membership offered through Family Kuvrr provides coverage for your spouse and your 16 to 18 year old dependents for roadside assistance benefits at no additional cost.

Q. Can I cancel my RoadKuvrr membership anytime?
Do I get a refund? A. You can cancel your RoadKuvrr anytime through the Family Kuvrr app or by calling RoadKuvrr customer service. Upon cancellation of RoadKuvrr membership, we will provide pro-rated refund of the portion of your RoadKuvrr membership subscription fee, if and only if, no services have been used by the primary member of RoadKuvrr membership plan or any members in your group. Please note that even if you cancel the RoadKuvrr annual membership, you can still use the RoadKuvrr anytime on a pay per use basis.

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