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ArmourGrid Launches Family Kuvrr – A Smart Monitoring Safety Solution for All

The smart, affordable app brings 24/7 peace of mind to families

Glenview, IL. - June 14, 2018 – ArmourGrid, an innovative safety and security software company, announced today the launch of Family Kuvrr, the most comprehensive and affordable safety mobile application that delivers peace of mind and control through smart monitoring to safeguard families.

"We're excited to announce the launch of our Family Kuvrr app, the one application that provides comprehensive safety and security features to address the ever growing digital, physical, and geographic threats faced by families today,” said Sanjeev Arora, Founder & CEO of ArmourGrid, Inc. “Families are looking to protect children and other family members from a growing number of threats. However, doing so in a way that doesn’t require installation of multiple apps and constant checking of all the devices is something busy and on-the-go families greatly appreciate. The cost of such solutions is also a big factor for families. With Family Kuvrr we are able to allow customized sharing of information and flexible device usage and control between family members, from full monitoring and control for a parent monitoring children’s device to the sharing of location and/or emergency alerts between adult and senior family members.”

Today more than ever it’s important to stay connected and keep your family safe from emergency situations, harmful content, and device addiction. Family Kuvrr is designed to offer geo monitoring and fencing, emergency/SOS alerts, device usage and alerts, device control and emergency roadside assistance in a single app. By leveraging the power of today’s smartphones/tablets and an intelligent back-end platform, this market leading solution delivers a highly personalized, smart assistant to help protect loved ones 24/7.

Family Kuvrr offers a comprehensive set of features*:

Smart Monitoring

• Unlike many other solutions in the market, Family Kuvrr allows the option to permit both full view of app usage, web browsing, call history, geo history, and text messages while also leveraging proprietary databases to identify and send to selected family members alerts for cyberbullying, sexting, solicitations, drugs, improper emoji texts, and other issues. Whether text/images/or videos, if it matches a known threat in the Family Kuvrr databases the solution will send an alert with an explanation of what was received and a description of the potential issue(s).

Smart Geo

• Share where family members are and create personalized “geo-fences” to provide alerts when a family member enters or leaves a location (e.g., arrives to school or home, enters a configured unsafe area).

Smart SOS and emergency information

• Family Kuvrr’s SOS alert allows a family member to raise an emergency situation alert via multiple convenient options. The SOS alert not only sends text/email/app notification with location to all the emergency contacts but can also initiate an audio/video streaming call to emergency contacts, so they can see the situation around the member raising the SOS alert. There is also a built-in emergency profile for easy sharing with first responders, a vital information kit for the families dealing with an emergency.

RoadKuvrr - Roadside Assistance

• With one of the most reliable roadside assistance plans, Family Kuvrr has your family covered on the road throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether you choose to sign-up for the annual membership plan or on a pay per use basis, the Family Kuvrr solution allows you or eligible driving age members on your plan to get assistance from one of the most extensive roadside assistance programs.

App Control

• In today’s world, new apps emerge every day and keeping track of what is being used and what has been downloaded is a challenging task. With Family Kuvrr, a parent or approved family member can have access to see what is being used on the device and how often. It also provides the ability to then block the apps

Device Control

• One of the biggest challenges faced by parents with children is ensuring that children use their devices as approved. Using Family Kuvrr’s friendly device calendar feature, a parent or approved family member can set schedules for when a device can or cannot be used and if needed remotely block the usage of the device in order to help set healthy and responsible digital habits.


• Detection and alerts for issues found in social media usage (Facebook, Instagram). Once these social accounts are configured on child’s device, Family Kuvrr starts monitoring and raising alerts for any issues found in child’s social media streams.

* Some of the features may have limited availability on iOS due to iOS restrictions

Pricing and Availability

Family Kuvrr delivers the most comprehensive set of features in a single app at a very affordable price, including the first 30 days free so families can try it without any financial obligation. In addition to a basic free version, affordable plans include Family Kuvrr Premium that allows families to connect with up to 10 members ($1.99/mo. or $9.99/yr.), and Family Kuvrr Premium+ to monitor up to 20 members ($2.99/mo. or $19.99/yr.).

The Family Kuvrr app is available now from the Apple Store or Google Play

For more information about Family Kuvrr, visit For images and FAQs click here and watch the launch video at

About ArmourGrid

Based in Glenview, Ill., ArmourGrid is on a mission to create smart and cost-effective safety solutions for individuals, families and organizations. By incorporating mobility, video and predictive intelligence into the fabric of its safety solutions, ArmourGrid is changing the safety paradigm from reactive to predictive and preemptive. To learn more about ArmourGrid and the Kuvrr products, visit or follow us on social media at or via Twitter @KuvrrMe.

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